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Implementation of Community Health Worker-Mediated Services for Re-Engagement to Care and Outreach for Persons with HIV in Rural Communities



Letter of Intent (Optional): Nov 13, 2023
Application Deadline: Jan 5, 2024


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Provides funding to state and local health departments to collaborate with HIV clinical providers in developing strategies that use community health workers (CHWs) to help people with HIV (PWH) in rural communities to re-engage in care and for outreach activities among rural PWH who are not virally suppressed.

The program aims to increase the number of people receiving HIV care and treatment services, improve retention in care and sustained viral load suppression among PWH to benefit both individual health and reduce community HIV transmission. Services provided by CHWs may include:

  • Delivery of antiretroviral therapy (ART)
  • Collecting samples for HIV laboratory testing
  • Transferring self-collected specimens for testing
  • Transportation services
  • Arranging and scheduling telehealth visits with HIV and other health providers such as, mental health, substance use disorder, and primary care

Activities will be carried out under 4 program strategies:

  1. Provide comprehensive HIV care and treatment services, and testing services to PWH not in care and/or not virally suppressed living in rural communities by using a health department-assigned CHW
  2. Support use of mental health and substance use disorder services and other essential support services by re-engaged PWH living in rural communities
  3. Assess cost-effectiveness of CHW-mediated re-engagement and outreach to HIV care and treatment services for PWH living in rural communities
  4. Provide services that are culturally and linguistically responsive for persons, especially for Black and Hispanic/Latino persons living in rural communities, to reduce stigma

A complete list of required activities and short-, intermediate-, and long-term outcomes are available in the funding announcement.

Amount of Funding

Average award amount: $500,000
Project period: 3 years
Estimated number of awards: 7
Estimated total program funding: $10,500,000

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants include state, local and territorial health departments or their bona fide agents in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Geographic Coverage


What This Program Funds

Capacity Building • New Program • Operating Costs and Staffing • Training Providers

Application Process

Application instructions, requirements, and other information can be found on under the related documents tab.

Letter of intent (LOI) requested but not required. Applicants should email their LOI to Kashif Iqbal by November 13, 2023.


For programmatic or technical questions:
Kashif Iqbal

For grants management or budget questions:
Arthur Lusby

Topics This Program Addresses

Healthcare Workforce • Infectious Diseases • Mental Health • Social Services • Substance Use Disorder