Funding Programs by Type

Find funding that may be used to address substance use disorders (SUDs) and related issues, by the type of work it will support:

Buildings and Facilities

Funding to support building, renovation, or acquisition of an existing building.

Capacity Building

Funding to help organizations and individuals develop the skills and capabilities to meet the needs of their community.


Funding that can be used to purchase tangible property, including computers and software, machines, tools, and vehicles.

Financial Aid for Healthcare Workforce

Scholarships, loans, and loan repayment programs for health professions students to pay for their education.

New Program

Funding to support the development of a new program, including planning, developing infrastructure, and other initial stages of starting a program.

Operating Costs and Staffing

Funding to support the ongoing operation of a program or service, including paying staff and other expenses.

Starting a Business

Loans, financial incentives, and other supports for starting a new, for-profit enterprise.

Training Providers

Funding to provide training and education to healthcare providers and staff so they can meet the needs of their community.