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Small Business Administration (SBA)


Supports small businesses by making it easier to secure loans to meet their business needs. Works with lenders to set guidelines and offer financial guarantees that enable them to make loans available to businesses that cannot get financing from other sources. Loans may be used for most business purposes, including:

  • Working capital for seasonal financing, export loans, revolving credit, and refinanced business debt
  • Long-term fixed assets like real estate, construction, remodeling, machinery, equipment, furniture, materials, and supplies

Benefits of SBA guaranteed loans include:

  • Competitive interest rates and fees comparable to non-guaranteed loans
  • Continued support for starting and running your business
  • Lower down payments, flexible overhead requirements, and no collateral needed for some loans

Amount of Funding

Loan amounts, interest rates, and other terms vary based on the amount requested and individual lender requirements.

Who Can Apply

Eligible businesses generally must be:

  • A for-profit business that is officially registered and operates legally
  • A for-profit business that is physically located and operates in the U.S. states or territories
  • Creditworthy and demonstrate a reasonable ability to repay the loan
  • Unable to get funds from any other financial lender

Geographic Coverage


What This Program Funds

Buildings and Facilities • Equipment • Operating Costs and Staffing • Starting a Business

Application Process

Use the Lender Match tool to learn more about applying for a guaranteed loan, find an SBA-approved lender, and begin the loan process.


For questions about eligibility, program information, or the application process:

For questions or technical assistance about using the Lender Match tool:

Topics This Program Addresses

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