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Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) Program


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Application Deadline: Sep 21, 2021

Sponsoring Organization

Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW)


Provides funding to support new and existing teaching health centers, or community-based, ambulatory patient care centers, in order to strengthen the healthcare workforce and address health professional shortages across the nation. Supports medical and dental residency training programs that educate and prepare residents to offer high-quality healthcare to diverse populations, especially rural and underserved communities.

The THCGME program offers the following award types:

  • Expansion awards to increase the number of resident positions in existing THCGME programs.
  • New awards to support new resident positions in newly established teaching health centers.

Amount of Funding

Project period: 4 years
Estimated number of awards: Up to 85 awards

  • 35 Expansion awards
  • Up to 50 new awards

Estimated total program funding: $45,920,000
Estimated award amount: Award amounts are formula-based and are calculated from the number of awarded resident full-time equivalents (FTEs).

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants must meet all of the following criteria in order to be considered eligible for THCGME funding.

Eligible applicants are accredited, community-based ambulatory patient care centers that:

  • Operate an accredited primary care residency program, or
  • Have collaborated to form a GME consortium that operates an accredited primary care residency program

Eligible outpatient settings include, but are not limited to:

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
  • Community mental health centers
  • Rural Health Clinics (RHCs)
  • Health centers operated by the Indian Health Service (IHS), an Indian tribe or tribal organization, or an urban Indian organization
  • An entity receiving funds under Title X of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act

Primary care residency programs must provide training in one or more of the following specialties:

  • Family medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal medicine-pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Psychiatry
  • General dentistry
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Geriatrics

New applicants may qualify for one or more funding priorities if the main community-based ambulatory patient care center training site serves a medically underserved community, or is located in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) or rural community.

Applicants must enter the name and address of the main community-based ambulatory patient care center training site and indicate the requested funding priorities in Attachment 7.

Applicants interested in requesting a HPSA funding priority can use the Find Shortage Areas by Address tool to determine whether a training site is located in a HPSA for this funding opportunity.

Applicants interested in requesting a medically underserved community funding priority must be eligible to be served by or be one of the following areas or populations:

  • Migrant Health Center under Section 329 of the PHS Act
  • Community Health Center under Section 330 of the PHS Act
  • Grantee under Section 330(h) of the PHS Act relating to homeless individuals
  • Public Housing Primary Care Program grantee under Section 340A of the PHS Act
  • Is determined to have a shortage of personal health services under the criteria at Section 1861(aa)(2) of the Social Security Act
  • Is designated by a State Governor as a shortage area or medically underserved community

Applicants interested in requesting a rural funding priority should follow the instructions on page 24 of the funding announcement. For this funding opportunity, rural is defined as an area located outside of an urban metropolitan statistical area (MSA).

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What This Program Funds

Training Providers

Application Process

Application requirements, instructions, and other relevant information can be found in the funding announcement.


For additional information or technical assistance regarding business, administrative, or fiscal issues:
Kim Ross, CPA

For programmatic or technical questions:
Kristin Gordon

Rural Awards

Past awards communities have received are described on the program website.

Rural communities who have received funding include:

  • Cornerstone Care, Inc. in Greensboro, Pennsylvania
  • Hidalgo Medical Services, Inc. in Lordsburg, New Mexico
  • Osteopathic Medical Education Consortium of Oklahoma (OMECO), Inc./Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority in Talihina, Oklahoma
  • Cahaba Medical Care Foundation in Centreville, Alabama
  • Appalachian Osteopathic Training Consortium (A-OPTIC), Inc. in Pikeville, Kentucky

Topics This Program Addresses

Education and Training • Healthcare Facilities • Healthcare Workforce