Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Funding and Resources

Open Funding Opportunities

Funding to address substance use disorders (SUDs) and related issues. List may include programs with a primary purpose other than addressing SUDs.

E-Rate Program: The Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism

Offers discounts to help schools and libraries with costs towards eligible data transmission services, internet access, internal connections, managed internal broadband services, and basic maintenance of internal connections.

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis
Sponsor: Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)
High Cost Program - Connect America Fund

Offers financial support to telecommunication service providers who provide rural communities with access to high-speed broadband access, specifically in markets that do not support the infrastructure and network costs of telecommunications carriers' providing the service.

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis
Sponsor: Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)
Lifeline Program

Provides a monthly federal benefit to individuals with low-income in order to lower the cost of phone or internet services. The benefit can be applied to home or mobile phone service or to high-speed broadband.

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis
Sponsor: Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)

Inactive Funding Opportunities

Many inactive programs are likely to be offered again. Grant deadlines are often short, and viewing inactive programs can give you a head start in applying next time.

The Rural Health Care Program Inactive

Offers a discount on telecommunication expenses and network equipment for healthcare facilities to increase connectivity and access to broadband in rural areas to provide and improve healthcare.

Application Deadline: Apr 1, 2024
Sponsor: Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)
Connected Care Pilot Program Inactive

Provides funding to healthcare providers to offset costs associated with providing connected healthcare services to patients, with an emphasis on connected services for veterans and individuals with low income. Funds may cover up to 85% of the eligible costs of broadband connectivity for patients and providers, certain network equipment, and information services necessary for the delivery of connected care services to patient populations that may otherwise have difficulty accessing care.

Application Deadline: Dec 7, 2020
Sponsor: Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)


Mapping Broadband Health in America

Interactive map providing broadband and health data at the national, state, and county levels. Includes maps with data on broadband, maternal health, chronic disease, opioids, and access to care. Allows users to filter data by rurality. Helps users explore the intersection of broadband and health to better inform policies, programs, innovation, and investment decisions.

Resource Type: Map / Chart
Date: 2023
Sponsor: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)