Guide to VA Mental Health Services for Veterans and Families


Sponsoring Organization

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)


Details the mental health services Veterans Health Administration (VHA) hospitals and clinics offer for veterans and their families and describes the VHA guiding principles for mental healthcare. Discusses the resources available for veterans and family members, and instructions on locating mental healthcare facilities and providers, including suicide prevention services and telemedicine visits. Covers treatment options for common mental health concerns, such as depression, substance abuse, and post traumatic stress disorder. Offers information on specific programs available to veterans with special needs, including women, those experiencing homelessness, veterans involved with the criminal justice system, and seniors.

Geographic Coverage



Elderly People • Healthcare Facilities • Housing and Homelessness • Justice System • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) • Mental Health • Opioids • Parents, Families, and Children • Recovery • Substance Use Disorder • Suicide and Suicide Prevention • Teleservices and Technology • Treatment • Veterans • Violence, Trauma, and Abuse • Women