Law Enforcement – Mental Health Collaboration Support Center



Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)


Provides training, resources, and technical assistance to improve law enforcement and community responses to individuals with behavioral health conditions or intellectual and developmental disabilities. Supports the development of police-mental health collaborations designed to help officers safely and effectively to people with behavioral health needs and increase their access to services.

What This Program Offers

The Law Enforcement – Mental Health Collaboration Support Center can provide:

  • Technical assistance through a variety of formats, including: email requests, virtual and in-person consultations, and connections with subject experts
  • Law Enforcement-Mental Health Learning Sites that serve as host agencies for peer learning visits, with locations in urban and rural jurisdictions
  • Customized support on a range of topics such as reviewing training protocols, sharing sample policies, advising on program design, and more
  • Webinars and other virtual learning events
  • Resources and publications, including a police-mental health collaboration (PMHC) self-assessment tool and PMHC toolkit

Who Can Receive Services from This Program

Eligible applicants include:

  • State and local governments
  • Federally recognized tribal governments
  • Nonprofit behavioral health organizations
  • Criminal justice agencies
  • Service providers

Geographic Coverage



There is no application process to receive assistance. To request technical assistance, complete the online request form.

For additional questions or information:

Topics This Program Addresses

Community Planning and Coalition Building • Justice System • Mental Health