National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health (NNED)



Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


Consists of a network of community-based organizations working to eliminate behavioral health disparities and reduce mental health and substance use problems for racial, ethnic, cultural, and sexual minority communities. Aims to achieve behavioral health equity by providing links to training, technical assistance, professional development opportunities, and information sharing to address the opioid epidemic, trauma, and other concerns related to substance use.

What This Program Offers

Services offered to NNED members include:

  • Educational materials, resources, discussion forums, and webinars on best practices and innovative strategies to meet the behavioral health needs of diverse communities
  • Professional development opportunities that include training, internships, fellowships, job openings, and scholarship opportunities
  • Partner Central, a private NNED member space that functions as an outlet for collaboration opportunities with other community-based organizations or agencies
  • Diversity Inclusion Project showcase events to highlight the successes, needs, and challenges of community based organizations working to address behavioral health disparities
  • NNEDLearn, an annual training opportunity for community-based organizations to develop skills in evidence-supported and culturally appropriate mental illness and substance use prevention and treatment
  • Searchable list of funding opportunities
  • Peer technical assistance

Who Can Receive Services from This Program

Community-based organizations or agencies and individuals addressing mental health or substance use disparities, with a strong focus on diverse communities

Geographic Coverage



Interested parties can sign up to become a NNED member by completing the registration form on the program website.

Topics This Program Addresses

Community Planning and Coalition Building • Mental Health • Substance Use Disorder