Developing Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) K-12 101


Sponsoring Organization

Office of Safe and Supportive Schools (OSSS)


Offers an online course with six modules covering all aspects of emergency operation plans (EOPs) for K-12 schools. Provides training on EOP development, assessment, review, implementation, and maintenance. Helps schools prepare for emergencies and comply with all state and local requirements. Includes additional emergency preparedness resources for schools.

What This Program Offers

Online course consists of six modules that include:

  • A course preview
  • An introduction and overview of planning principles
  • How to form a collaborative planning team
  • How to identify and prioritize threats and hazards
  • Developing goals, objectives, and courses of action
  • Preparing, implementing, and maintaining the plan
  • Developing threat- and hazard-specific EOPs

Who Can Receive Services from This Program

  • State, district, and school administrators
  • Teachers and school support staff
  • Communities, families, and students

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Topics This Program Addresses

Emergency Planning • Schools